I Woke Up In A Strange Place

On trouve parfois ce morceau sous le nom "Woke Up In A Strange Place" il manque juste le I, petit détail certes.

Ghost comes to visit with my keys in his pocket
Kisses on my mouth with his eyes
Hanging out of his sockets
Memories crumbling under still resistance
I was torn out like pages of the book of existence

I woke up in a strange place
Music so loud that I spilled all my beer
I made a call for my blackened cab
Some destination was moving on in
I remember the words that you hold me
Now they come down so hard , so plain
Fate is gonna find your love
In a glass of champagne

Love came calling as a counterfeit mistress
Stealing from the pockets of a sadomasochist
And she's mouthing for this place like a tongue on crystal meth
Her cigarette smelling like the fear inside my chest

I woke up in a strange place
My mind a blur and some red on my chin
I made a ride in that blackened cab
Some destination is moving on in
Easy now , this car was speeding up
For my last chance crashing to freedom
Fate in a glass of champagne

Sweat pours down
You’re in the back seat sleeping
And she waits by the window
From an empty bed , weeping
The ghost guns the motor
To the promised land he promised you
I guess this is the time when the best intentions become facts again

This is no story for the dislocated
You’re gonna love but it turned to be hated
Because of the lies of the spirit possessed you
Because of the eyes of your lover resist you
Listen up you keep your aim steady
As your temple turns to kiss the pistol
Fate is gonna find your love . . . in a glass of champagne